Laconic forms, natural materials, expensive textures are the motto of this project. Apartment of 340 m² with sea view. The project used precious woods for decoration. The kitchen in this project, like an ingot of a precious metal, borders on the most neutral and deliberately rough materials, aged gypsum stucco, which seems to have seen more than a century.
References to the sandy sea coast, the teardrop shapes in the bathrooms seem to have been honed by the waves of the sea. The purpose of this interior is to create a piece of paradise, as close as possible to nature, but at the same time not to forget that nature can be luxurious.
A children's room is a small and magical world that we created for a child so that it would be convenient for him to play, dream, develop and grow there. The design of a children's room should be both bright and cozy, functional and safe, easy to use and environmentally friendly.
Moscow, Chayanova street, 22, bldg. 4
+7 (916) 964-88-46
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